Boomerang Bill

Boomerang bill was our pilot project.It was meant to be a test project of sorts and we did not expect much from it but to our surprise the game has been downloaded over 10,000 times. We sincerely hope that majority of the players enjoyed the simple but fun gameplay.


Pretty Flowers

Pretty Flowers was supposed to be our first real game. However due to the fact that I was hospitalized the game did not reach its full potential. In short, it was a failure. We may release a better version in the future.


This is our first real game. I initially thought of the idea for the game to give Ted a better idea of equities/investing. However as we were making the game, cryptocurrencies started to take off and i found it to have reached very disturbing levels so I decided to speak out against it in the game. I hope you all learn something from playing this game. Enjoy!

Release Dates

Game Year
Boomerang Bill 2015
Pretty Flowers 2016
Acquire 2018